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Titanium Jewelries, Chains, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, and Leather Bracelets by ZEEZEN

ZEEZEN for retailer

As you can see in the pictures the designs of Jens Henrik Hansen are smart and unique. Titanium Jewelries, Chains, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, and Leather Bracelets are body friendly, purely natural and handmade. Simply beautiful. You and your customers will feel the spirit of nature even without holding them in your hands.

Go on reading and explore the wide range of opportunities for your business. ZEEZEN is ready to serve you.


Why selling ZEEZEN Titanium Jewelries

ZEEZEN is unique. Titanium jewelries are highly requested and very competitive in the market. Since Gold and Silver products are struggling even more.

We do not sell our products directly to private customers to keep the quality of service at the highest level they deserve.

We do not sell our products to wholesalers to keep the price as low as possible.

We provide you with a simply to use online order system. The ordered pieces will be handmade after you ordered. This keeps the value high but leaves the price at a minimum, because we have no costs for stockholding.

ZEEZEN jewelries are very price stable - only one price adjustment for the past seven years.

Easy Ordering 24 / 7

We deliver worldwide within 2 – 3 business days after you placed the order. Shipping costs for up to a half kilo are 9 Euro only.

We produce environment friendly at highest standards. We do not print catalogues to protect our world where we live in.

You will get tools to animate customers to come back to you your shop. We promote our products for private customers worldwide but they will have to order in your shop.

Your web site link and shop will be listed in our database and will be easy to find as consumers will have to look for it.

Customize your jewelries

We will handpick online shops to protect our majority of retailers.

Ttanium jewelries are highly requested while the market is struggling in other niches.

If you have more questions, about what we could do for you feel free to contact us or simply sign in into our sales page and have a deeper look what is ZEEZEN Titanium jewelries all about.

We do not mention our prices here on this site. Your expertise will tell you that there is nothing to compare with if you once had a look into our sales page.

Sign in as guest and you see now how much different and unique ZEEZEN will be for you too?